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"Squat"also called"weight-bearing squat",is the most complex in bodybuilding exercise,p90x3 mass results one of the most part,an action is also powerlifting competition. "Squat" has a strong stimulus to the entire lower extremity and trunk,can exercise the stock four muscle(rectus femoris, p90x3 lean results femoral muscle,vastus lateralis,vastus medialis), gluteus maximus,the stock two myo, p90x3 lean schedule semitendinosus, semimembranosus,and also has a strong effect on the the erector spinae,piriformis,great adductor muscle, gluteus medius muscle, gluteus minimus muscle and leg muscle.In addition, "squat" had a positive effect on the function of heart and lung, p90x3 mmx review nervous regulation and hormone secretion and a series of physiological and biochemical reactions,so practice"squat"is a required course of occupation player and amateur bodybuilding . "A barbell squat"belongs to the "squat".The barbell squat exercises is one of the basic action developed muscles of lower limbs.But some beginners practiced squat body is unwell,such as back pain, tenderness,swelling phenomenon after the neck, p90x3 list of workouts shoulder and neck pad even a spongy cushion would be of no avail.Why?The reason,is mainly the movement is not correct, especially the barbell placed inappropriately caused by.Barbell placed inappropriately, p90x3 january sale unsafe practice will not only scattered attention,effect,and easy cause sports injury.Statistics show that,when the barbell squat by slippage,or tilt,shaking,is an important cause of low back injury.Because of the large weight barbell squat,not easy to control.Action process:the barbell in the neck,hands grip barbell,body straight,his eyes look straight ahead,C foot with the shoulder width.Knees slowly squat to the thigh parallel to the ground or slightly below the knee,maintain,stock four myo - until the contraction force,kicking knee extension to restore.The rhythm of movement:squat 2-3 seconds,still 1-2 seconds,crouch a 2 seconds.

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